“Balkaria” Hotel is located on Azau glade, in Kabardino-Balkaria, near Terskol settlement.

Getting to the Hotel is very simple.

1. The flight from Moscow to Nalchik or Mineralnye Vody takes some 2 hours.

2. To get to Nalchik, Kislovodsk or Mineralnye Vody by train will take you a day and a half. You can get there in a day if you go by “Moscow-Kislovodsk” express train, but the fare will be a bit higher, as well as the cost of transfer to the Hotel.  

Once you are out of the airport/railway station, all you have to do is to negotiate with the bus or cab driver about the price of getting to the Hotel. Absolutely all the drivers know how to get to the Hotel, so, all you have to say is that you want to get to “Balkaria” Hotel. The ride takes about two hours. The bus fare is some 400-450 rubles per person, whereas a taxi cab costs some from 2500 rubles.

You can also order a transfer by calling the Hotel’s telephone numbers below:
+7 (495) 991-96-19, +7(866-38) 71-257
or sending a transfer request to: