Отзывы посетителей, оставленные на нашем форуме:

I’ve got so many impressions... The Hotel is simply super. The atmosphere in the café is very pleasant: easy music, a hookah, a fireplace, a fountain and tasty cuisine. It’s only a five minutes walk from the Hotel to the elevator, and there’s no need to walk back to the Hotel, as one can use ski or a snowboard instead.

I agree with Vitaly. The Hotel is just the right place to have a good time and get everything you want from a holiday. Everything is so at hand, and the quality and the beauty is incomparable. The staff is very friendly and cooperating. The Hotel deserves every respect of mine.

Hi, “Balkaria”. Though we are home already, we keep remembering you still. Parting with a fairy-tale is not an easy thing and the four days we spent at the feet of Elbruss the Handsome were simply wonderful. We wonder what has become of our fortress, is it still there? We’d like to send a special greeting to Irina. Hope to meet again soon.

Id venture a piece of advice concerning the advertisement. Banners could be a good solution, for the only place I saw some was at www.Krutizna.ru which is bad. There are no ads even along the way to the place, whereas a hotel such as yours should be visible shining from afar, so as to let people know where to go to have a good time. .

Everybody at the Hotel was so polite and helpful and we liked everything at your place - a feeling that does not come easy nowadays. The only advice for you is to arrange for the water to be a bit whiter and to wash the Jacuzzi daily. We will be coming to the Hotel regularly I’m sure and send others there too.

The seven of us are staying here for the second day and it’s a real fairy-tale. The snow keeps falling and the mountain and the piste are so soft. As soon as it brightens up, we’ll go freeriding with the guides, who promised to give us a hell of a ride. The Hotel is simply super – cozy rooms and the staff as polite as one can only imagine. All the guests are welcomed as if they are their best friends. A marvelous combination of comfort and sweetness of one’s home.

A conversation with one of the visitors (a man of 40, a mountain skier):
- How do you like it here?
- I like it very much indeed, but there are so few guests here.
- But the Hotel opened only after the New Year...
Now I understand. This Hotel has a bright future, for the reception is so welcoming that you feel as if everything is especially for you here. I’ve been to Switzerland and I think that a hotel such as this could be a five-star establishment there also… Dimitry.

I was at your place in June, but sadly enough it was only a business visit. The beauty of the place struck me to the depth of my heart. The Hotel and the staff were at their top (like Elbruss). I wish you good luck and prosperity.

The Hotel is simply marvelous! We didn’t expect finding such comfort and coziness in a mountainous dead-end like yours. We were simply bewildered by the cleanness and the shining of glasses and stemware (which is surely a sign of class), and the whiteness of linen. There were six of us here. Our men are hearty eaters, but the breakfast we were offered was so big (fried eggs, boiled rice, a sandwich with cheese and sausage, a pancake with jam, and tea) and tasty that some of it was left on the table. The cableway is certainly old and it was frightening sometimes, for I was afraid for my husband to drop down together with the seat, as he is rather heavy.

The beauty of snow covered mountain peaks, a glacier, a mountain lake, visible from the cableway, delicious aireverything was just wonderful. Id like to say a big thank you to all women and girls who made the Hotel so warm and cozy. I wish you good luck and prosperity

We will be glad to see you again!!!!