“Balkaria” Hotel is a place for you to have a comfortable rest!

We are glad to welcome you in one of the most comfortable hotels at the foothills of Elbrus. “Balkaria” Hotel was established in cooperation with the "Academy of Adventures" and a respected citizen of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic Temmoev Takhir Salikhovich. The Hotel, serviced by a friendly staff is elegant and compact.

Why would you choose staying with us?!
We can give at least three reasons:

The Location. “Balkaria” Hotel is located 2300 m above sea level, right at the foothills of Elbrus, in a place surprisingly beautiful. A relatively mild climate, stately peaks, picturesque ravines, numerous waterfalls and healing Narzan springs create ideal conditions for either quiet or active leisure and for mounting skiing especially. There are some additional advantages for mountain ski and snow board fans, as the elevator to take them to the mountain slopes is only 100 meters away. Even If you know Elbruss by heart already, it’s not a reason to get disappointed as there is Cheget Mountain just a few minutes ride from the Hotel.

Comfort and Service. The Hotel offers European comfort in combination with cozy and soulful atmosphere. We take every effort here to make you feel yourself at home. And what can be more pleasant among the severe mountains than a warm evening by a fireplace with a glass of mulled wine in hand?! In case your business won’t let you go, then you can make use of the Hotel’s Business Center

Our friendly and welcoming staff will do their best to make your stay something to remember.

We are looking forward to your coming to “Balkaria” Hotel!

Useful Information.

Staff — «We are glad to welcome you to our Hotel and will do our best to make your stay comfortable and carefree».

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